New Generation of Indonesian Cooking in Keuken 10: Promoting Sustainable Food in Entertaining Way

September 25, 2019

By: Christine Effendy, New Generation of Indonesian Cooking (NGIC)


New Generation of Indonesian Cooking (NGIC) was one of the main collaborators in Keuken 10, an annual one-day food festival on the city space, to address the main message on global gastronomy. Keukeun is a vehicle of NGIC to introduce sustainable food in a public space, with a creative and soft education approach. Taking “Craft in Taste” as a big theme, the 10th annual Keuken was conducted on 4th of August at the Roof Top of Bandung Trade Mall. NGIC presented the Kitchen Stage, Cooking Battle, and Talk and Share.

The event was started with the cooking battle. Ten finalists represented different culinary schools and institutes. Not only from Bandung, some finalists were from Depok and Pangandaran. They were challenged to cook and present healthy and sustainable food within 45 minutes. The first winner was from LPP Ariyanti Bandung, second place was taken by Akpar NHI Bandung and SMK Perwira Bangsa, Depok was at the third place.


Chef Henry Alexie Bloem, Chef Chandra Yudasswara, and Chef Ricky Sulaiman presented sustainable gastronomy in two sessions of the Kitchen Stage. The live cooking ran interactively, and the more interesting session was the collaborative performance with the performing arts group from Jakarta Art Institute. The show was entertaining, surprising, and triggering interaction with the audience.

Live cooking demonstration by the chefs presenting sustainable gastronomy


At the late afternoon, NGIC invited audience to join the “Talk and Share on Sustainable Food”. Swandani Kumarga, one of NGIC Master Trainers and a founder of Dapur Solo together with Fahrur Rosidi, another NGIC Master Trainer and a General Secretary of the Indonesian Catering Association, shared their view and experiences in managing healthy and sustainable food as a profitable business, yet contributing to the sustainable food system. Most of audience were young foodpreneurs and eager to learn. They are definitely a target of NGIC movement to promote healthy and sustainable food consumption.

Promoting sustainable food is not an easy task. Choosing a right agent, channel, and method is an important key. NGIC aims to motivate people and plays a role in the sustainable food system in a participative channel, and very important …. in a fun way!


Why did we start? A Challenge on Consumption and Production

Indonesia is facing a ‘double burden’ when it comes to its nutritional status. Under-nutrition, specifically among children, is highly prevalent, while cases of overweight and obesity are also increasing. Diets are changing and currently include too many calories, additives, and antibiotic contaminants. Less fruits and vegetables are consumed, despite the country´s abundance in fruits, vegetables, tubers and spices. At the same time, demand for processed and fast-food is increasing due to changing lifestyles and cooking practices such as deep-frying. Food safety issues, in particular due to chemical contaminants, constitute an increasing challenge.

The current food system also contributes to climate change, depletion of soil, water and other natural resources, loss of biodiversity, pollution of soil, water and air, and waste. Lastly, food production is under threat with land area and the number of farmers continues to decrease. They are increasingly selling their land and finding other jobs outside the farming sector due to the social and economic challenges they face. Those conditions are the reasons for NGIC to start to promote healthy and sustainable food consumption through culinary.


NGIC Messages and Actions

Changing consumption patterns is a big homework that cannot be done alone. Among various initiatives by the government and civil society and private sectors, NGIC is one that chooses to move by directly targeting changes in diet. NGIC is here to provide good experience in healthy eating and wise food choices, with main principles 1). Healthy and Sustainable, 2). Tasty, 3) Quality and Safe, 4) Gastronomic Experience, and 5) Affordable.

To carry out its actions, NGIC established 3 working groups; Group 1 – Education, Group 2 – Action, and Group 3 – Promotion. Currently NGIC has 14 Master Trainers as agents of change who will disseminate NGIC messages through various activities. These Master Trainers are experienced chefs from various sectors who have been trained about knowledge, experiences, and how on healthy and sustainable food in an interactive and dynamic moderation including direct practice on cooking and training delivery in Training of Trainers (ToT), by international experts from NGIC’s international partner organizations.


NGIC provides healthy menu choices with information about nutrition, how to process, and how to consume, according to the Indonesian Ministry of Health’s Balanced Nutrition Guide (Permenkes No. 41 of 2014), known as the “Tumpeng Gizi” and “Isi Piring Makanku – My Meal Plate”. One that is also very important is to reduce consumption of salt, sugar, and fat, especially oil. NGIC provides recommendations on how to reduce salt, sugar, and oil in daily food. Not easy, because excessive use of salt, sugar, and oil is not just a matter of taste, but cooking habits.

The new and challenging thing is NGIC’s message about sustainable food, which is to choose sustainable ingredients and process them in a sustainable way. Main messages in the NGIC sustainable cooking are:

  • No food waste
  • Reduce animal protein
  • If animal protein must be used, choose ones with low carbon footprint
  • Fresh vegetables as main ingredients
  • Seasonal ingredients
  • Local sourcing; the closer the better
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Healthy, Safe, and Tasty!

Healthy and Sustainable Food. The Time is Now!



New Generation of Indonesian Cooking is part of the Sustainable Diets for All program, a 5-year strategic partnership between Hivos and its partner IIED with the Dutch Government to transform the food system and promote sustainable diets. NGIC is one of five inspiring sustainable gastronomy initiatives originating on four different continents and operating at different levels, which was first presented during the 2019 EAT Food Forum by Hivos and Nordic Food Policy Lab of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

New Generation of Indonesian Cooking

(Generasi Baru Dapur Indonesia)