Call for Expression of Interest: Sustainable Diets in Indonesia Advocacy

October 7, 2015

Call for Expression of Interest: “Deepening our Lobby and Advocacy programme Sustainable Diets for All in Indonesia”

Hivos has received support from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to develop a lobby and advocacy programmes on sustainable diets for all. The programme will initiate in January 2016 for a period of 5 years. The Hivos Green Society team will prepare the start of the program during the coming months. In Indonesia, Hivos’ focus will be on sustainable diets in the urban context, particularly the issue of urban food security.

Main objectives

  1. Prepare a report that puts the Food Advocacy programme in action in Indonesia which will provide a solid basis for the implementation of our programme from onwards. The report will provide an overall picture of rural and urban food consumption and production in Indonesia, but have a particular focus on food in the urban context.  It will show the 5 most important trends and related actors (targets, allies and CSO partners), defining the opportunities and challenges in Indonesia in relation to sustainable diets. 

  2. The draft report will be discussed with a group of national stakeholders. The consultant will present the finding and incorporate the feedback in the final report. Workshops are planned for Indonesia in February 2016.

Main results – deliverables:

A draft report by the start of December 2015.
Final report after stakeholder workshop in February 2016.

Please consult the complete Terms of Reference (pdf) in the documents box to the right. Expression of Interest in the study should be submitted by 21 October 2015.