Engaging Citizens, Improving Quality of Lives: How Our Open Contracting Works

July 26, 2019

Open contracting is about making data and documents from the entire contracting process available to access for public use. Making public contracting more transparent, fair and efficient has multiple benefits for the citizens. They gain a clearer insight into how their taxes are being spent on the goods and services they need and use, they can engage in those processes, and they can access better quality goods and services that result from more transparent, competitive contracting processes. In other words, open contracting can improve people’s quality of lives.

This initiative also benefits the government and business sector. Governments can save tax money, make better use of public resources, deliver better public goods and services, boost integrity, and prevent fraud and corruption. This creates a level playing field for business through fair competition, stimulates innovation, and improves the overall business and investment climate.

To achieve such goals, Hivos, Article 19, and IIED implements Open Up Contracting program in Indonesia supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. Through this program, we work to improve public participation in planning, procurement process, contract management, and creating accountability mechanism within the government for receiving and responding to feedback and complaints from the citizens. We also develop civil society capacity to translate procurement and contracting data into actionable information for evidence-based advocacy with governments.

To carry out this program in Indonesia, Hivos Southeast Asia works together with Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW), Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Indonesia, Transparency International (TI) Indonesia, Bojonegoro Institute, PATTIRO Semarang, and Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) Jakarta. We support ICW in promoting transparency in procurement sector and leading advocacy to have government implement open contracting as a national action plan on the Open Government Partnership agenda. We also work with the local Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and journalists to conduct a study on the implementation of open contracting in public procurement. In addition, we also work together with Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Indonesia to promote mining contract and license transparency in West Nusa Tenggara Province, one of biggest copper producing province in Indonesia. We collaborate with Transparency International Indonesia, PATTIRO Semarang, dan Bojonegoro Institute to empower women groups at local level to monitor government’s procurement projects and improve public service delivery. We support AJI Jakarta to provide capacity building to women’s groups and journalists to understand and process data related to health and education. AJI Jakarta will then encourage both groups to write the results of their reports and share them to the public.

What have our partners done to support Open Up Contracting program in Indonesia? How far have they progressed? Read more in the book “Engaging Citizens, Improving Quality of Lives: How Our Open Contracting Works”.

Title              :  Engaging Citizens, Improving Quality of Lives: How Our Open Contracting Works (in Indonesia)

Date              :  May, 2019

Writer(s)       :  Hivos Southeast Asia Open Contracting Team and partners

Publishers     :  Hivos Southeast Asia

Type             :  pdf