Hackathon Jakarta (#HACKJAK) 2015 will support Jakarta Smart City

June 30, 2015

On June 30 2015, the government of Jakarta held the kickoff of Hackathon Jakarta (#HACKJAK) for the second time. #HACKJAK is an app development competition that aims to use data from the Jakarta municipal government’s Open Data portal (data.jakarta.go.id). Jakarta Governor Basuki T. Purnama opened the Hackathon at Jakarta City Hall.

#HACKJAK2015 aims to produce 100 apps, 180 open datasets, and 50 infographics in 7 days. There will be three winners in each category (see below), and a total of 75 million rupiahs will be awarded as well as an incubator program for Hackathon winners. For further information, visit http://hackjak.jakarta.go.id.

#HACKJAK2015 demonstrates the commitment of the Jakarta government in realising the Jakarta Smart City initiative, which aims to develop a genuine information-sharing platform for citizens to report on municipal issues. The various apps developed during #HACKJAK2015 are expected to improve government service provision to city residents and to enhance the Jakarta government’s ability to respond to resident complaints.

Setiaji, Chief Technical Officer of the Jakarta government’s Smart City working unit, explained that this competition aims to involve Jakarta residents in developing an intelligent, tech-friendly urban environment. “Public participation is an important pillar for the development of Jakarta Smart City. We hope that public participation will accelerate the improvement of our service provision.”

Shita Laksmi, Open Society Programme Development Manager at Hivos in Southeast Asia, says #HACKJAK2015 will have an improved and refreshed concept. While the 2014 #HACKJAK was solely an app development competition, there will be three simultaneous competitions this year:  

  • Hackathon: a competition for general and game app development that uses the Jakarta Open Data portal and other official sources
  • Scrapathon: a data scraping competition that invites participants to process the Jakarta government’s data sources into reusable, open format data
  • Visualthon: a competition for user-friendly infographics that would be suitable for the presentation of Jakarta municipal services from the Open Data Jakarta portal.

“Last year’s #HACKJAK was a huge success. The number of applicants exceeded our expectations, so we had to limit the number of participants to 200, who together produced 53 apps altogether. This year, we’re hoping for an even better #HACKJAK2015,” said Laksmi. The organisers have set a target of 430 participants, including students, practitioners, app developer start-ups, and graphic designers.

The #HACKJAK2015 committee has been working with employees of the Jakarta government to ensure that the resulting apps, datasets, and infographics will be useful for the operations of all municipal working units. “The Regional Work Units (SKPD) is a spearhead of the Jakarta government for providing public services. The adoption of technologies that are produced by #HACKJAK2015 will be important in resolving issues that the Jakarta government currently face,” said Setiaji.

Hivos supports #HACKJACK on its strong belief that open access to public information and government transparency are necessary in order for citizens to be fully engaged in the democratic process and pro-actively help end corruption and engender accountability in leadership.