Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Hivos sign Sumba agreement

February 18, 2013

Last week in Jakarta, the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Hivos signed an agreement to provide 100% renewable energy for the island of Sumba. With this agreement, the ministry is taking responsibility for achieving this objective.

Hivos’ Climate, Energy and Sustainable Development Coordinator, Eco Matser, is pleased with the agreement: “We could never achieve this goal on our own. From the outset we’ve been in working in close cooperation with other parties. The step the Department of Energy has taken is enormously welcome”.

Hivos remains closely involved in the process. And will take on the role of secretariat for all parties involved. “An independent role that allows us to help, but also be critical if necessary”, explains Matser.

Ambitious plans

The agreement was signed during a three-day meeting on Sumba Island, where governments, businesses and NGOs had gathered to discuss the status of the project. There are ambitious and concrete plans for hydropower, solar and wind energy, some of which are already being implemented. NGO representatives did point out the importance of proper monitoring, as some agencies focus too much on quantitative targets instead of sustainability and quality.  Hivos’ biogas plants were mentioned as an example during the meeting because in the long term these plants still work properly.

This meeting in Jakarta and the signing of the agreement marks the start of a new phase for the  100% Sustainable project.  The focus is now on implementation, with citizens, governments, NGOs and businesses on Sumba working together to bring sustainable energy to people’s homes on Sumba.