Khairani Barokka at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

August 1, 2014

From 4 to 8  August, Khairani Barokka (Okka) will perform at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with her show Eve and Mary Are Having Coffee.  Hivos is pleased to be her main sponsor.

Okka is a talented young Indonesian female artist and arts and disability researcher. As a fulltime, independent artist with a disability, she always includes some basic rights issues for those with disabilities in her work. In 2013, Okka participated as International Writer-in-Residence at the Emerging Writers’ Festival.

According to The New Current’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014 interview, Okka’s solo spoken word show Eve and Mary Are Having Coffee is “unlike any you have seen or heard before, pushing the boundaries of poetry, performance art and storytelling. … The show will let you hear and see word-slings of womanism, Southeast Asia, irreverence, lack of penitence, Java the island, java the coffee as imbibed by religious figures, anti-ableism, and slurpee drinks.”

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest arts festival in the world and takes place every August for three weeks in Edinburgh, Scotland. Thousands of performers present shows for every taste on hundreds of stages, from big names in the entertainment world to unknown artists looking to launch their careers. With 45,464 performances and 2,871 shows in 2013, it is the world’s largest arts festival.

Hivos supports Okka not only because of her talent as an artist and researcher, but also because she serves as an excellent ambassador for women and (disabled) artists.