Looking for partner to lead Food Lab in Bandung, Indonesia

July 28, 2015

Hivos and the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) are looking for a partner to lead an exciting new social change process for a fairer, greener local food system in Bandung, Indonesia. Please see the documents box to the right to download this advertisement in both BAHASA and ENGLISH.

The ‘Food Change Lab’ process uses a combination of research, creative perspectives and community inputs to generate innovative, citizen-led solutions to the problems faced by low-income consumers in accessing affordable, safe, nutritious, diverse and sustainable food. 

The Lab will facilitate ‘radical thinking and disruptive solutions’ by citizens, artists, activists, policymakers, researchers, community groups, professional organisations and cultural leaders. Solutions may relate to public policy, business models, behaviour change or framings of cultural values, with the ultimate aim of “creating space for the food systems of the poor in Bandung, Indonesia.”  The Bandung Food Change Lab will also form part of a learning network with our Food Change Labs in Uganda and Zambia.

Our partner will be required to:

  • Develop the capacity to facilitate ‘change lab’ methodologies for group innovation (training to be provided by Hivos)
  • Organise and facilitate the inaugural stakeholder workshop in Bandung in mid-September 2015
  • Implement experimental solutions generated by the Food Change Lab process

We are seeking an Indonesian organisation, person, collective or business with the following qualities:

  • Bandung-based, or very familiar with the Bandung environment
  • Experience in policy advocacy or in leading citizen-driven rights movements (does not have to be related to food)
  • The ability to communicate with, connect, and motivate diverse groups
  • Interested in food rights issues
  • Extensive network of contacts in local government, civil society, community organisations, artists, activists, youth movements, women’s organisations
  • Open-minded and creative approach
  • A practical, result-driven attitude towards obtaining positive change

Funding will be made available on an activity basis.

For more information about the Food Labs concept, or to register an expression of interest, please contact:

Shelley Cheong-Holdaway, Coordinator for Sustainable Food
sholdaway@hivos.org +62 21 7892489 (English)

Queentries Regar, Project Officer for Sustainable Food
qregar@hivos.org +62 21 7892489 (Indonesian)