Multi-stakeholder Engagement in Public Procurement Monitoring

June 27, 2019

Civil society and journalists who actively participate in monitoring government’s procurement projects are assets to help promote open contracting initiatives. However, the lack of capacity and knowledge on this matter inhibit them to serve their roles optimally.

Through the Open Up Contracting program, Hivos Southeast Asia seeks to empower the civil society organizations and journalists, especially at the local level, to be able to serve as infomediaries between the government and the citizens. We also try to improve their capacity to transform procurement data into actionable information for the citizens so they can also take part in monitoring government’s project independently.

Hivos South East Asia together with the Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW)  collaborate with the National Public Procurement Agency (NPPA) to organize a series of capacity development workshop to improve the capacity of journalists and civil society capacity in procurement sector.

Please see below the “Multi-stakeholder Engagement in Public Procurement Monitoring” book we have prepared for the workshop’s participants with the information related to open contracting in Indonesia.