• The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism meets Open Contracting

    In September 2018, the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) published a series of stories exposing how President Rodrigo Duterte had poured billions of pesos in infrastructure funds into his home region, Davao.

  • Education is key to unleashing the Indonesian food revolution

    “Upon returning to Indonesia after eight years abroad, I was surprised to see a local version of KFC, McDonalds or another fast food chain on every street corner! Nobody in Jakarta is cooking at home anymore. Everybody is eating unhealthy, ready-made comfort food. This is very worrying.”

  • Getting ready for a revolution

    According to Hivos partner Fabby Tumiwa, we rely too much on big energy companies and their fossil fuels, even though we don’t have to. “If you look at renewable energy, anyone, every house, can produce electricity. We should be ready for a revolution.”

  • Changing the food system

    Allow us to take you to Indonesia, Bolivia, Zambia, Kenya and Uganda. In these countries, we’re getting street vendors, municipalities, cooks, farmers, activists and politicians to not only fight malnutrition in innovative ways, but also to slowly change the way the food system works. 

  • Hivos believes that when people are given a chance to live in freedom and dignity, they are able to live a life that contributes to the greater good of humanity.