Tanoker’s Mud Market: Healthy diets tourism in Ledokombo

By: Nurhadi, Tanoker

Pasar Lumpur (Mud Market) in Ledokombo, Jember district is known for its unique and engaging activities, proving creativity and strong local culture of its community. The event is held on the last Sunday of each month. It has become a popular local tourism destination for all ages with various activities.

In August 2019, the local community celebrated Indonesian Independence Day during Pasar Lumpur and chose healthy food as the main theme. All activities at the event were organized to educate participants about healthy food, encouraging them to make healthy food as their daily top priority.

One of the competitions was fruit-eating competition. The idea was derived from traditional crackers-eating contest at Independence Day. The rules were pretty much similar, participants were required to finish eating various fruits like watermelon, cucumber and melons tied up to plastic rope. However in this competition, instead of the fastest person wins, the winner is the participant who is able to mention nutrition facts and health benefits of the fruits they ate. The winners were awarded basket of fruits.

Anissyah participated in the fruit eating competition. Photo: Tanoker

“This is an effort to create innovation, educating people of healthy diets at Independence Day celebration. Crackers will no longer be an icon, fruits will replace,” said Farha Ciciek, Tanoker Foundation Director.

Opening speech by Haji Jono Wasinuddin, Head of Ledokombo subdistrict. Photo: Tanoker / Bayhaqi

Pasar Lumpur in October 2019 and Healthy Generations Ahead video

Still with the spirit of promoting healthy food, Pasar Lumpur in October 2019 continued using local diets as the main theme. In that occasion, Tanoker launched ‘Healthy Generations Ahead’, a video by Hivos and IIED for Sustainable Diets for All (SD4All) program, in collaboration with BrandOutLoud. The Head of Ledokombo subdistrict, Haji Jono Wasinuddin, and some public figures gave their speech and were welcomed by more than 100 people who attended the video launch.

Jumilah, who also shares her story in the Healthy Generations Ahead video, speaks during the video launch. Photo: Tanoker / Bayhaqi
Positive response from the Jember Tourism Ambassadors couple, Teguh Sulianta and Cherry Maybelvista. Photo: Tanoker / Bayhaqi

Gus-Ning, a term for Jember’s tourism ambassadors, explained that if we share the video to our colleagues we contribute to raise people’s awareness about healthy food, as millennials tend to prefer junk food than healthy diets. “I hope this video will inspire young generations to live healthy,“ said Teguh Sulianta. “Healthy food will create a healthy soul, for our next generations,“ Cherry Maybelvista added.

Another interesting activity at Pasar Lumpur in October was cooking festival. Pasar Lumpur has become an opportunity for women to promote their cooking of healthy traditional food. People can taste a variety traditional food, such as popular brown-sugared Sara Sawut cake. The cake comes with a philosophy, that it pictures people in Ledokombo who do not differentiate people from race, religion and culture.

Siti Latifah shows Brown-sugared Sara Sawut cake. Photo: Tanoker

“We want to always promote healthy diets by creating educational interesting events,” said Supo Raharjo, Pasar Lumpur founder and elder member of Tanoker Foundation, “So that visitors will be inspired to exercise a healthy lifestyle and be proud of it,” said Supo.

Pasar Lumpur for educational and sport activities

Pasar Lumpur is formerly known as an alternative educational tourism that attracted attention of communities from other districts, such as Ambulu subdistrict. Sixty people from that subdistrict conducted a study tour of healthy diets to Ledokombo. Pasar Lumpur had successfully shown high enthusiasm by encouraging community and people to take their parts.

Not only to educate, this tourist spot is also a place to play and enjoy a variety of popular games such as polo lumpur (mud polo). By playing the same way as water polo, people play mud polo in an unused muddy rice field that is flooded with water. This game reminds people of their childhood and as a preservation of local culture.

The popularity of mud polo among Pasar Lumpur visitors. Photo: Tanoker / Bayhaqi



Having the same spirit to encourage sustainable diets, Hivos and IIED through Sustainable Diets for All (SD4All) program supports Tanoker. They created a variety of innovations, one of them is Pasar Lumpur event. With high participation from local people and support from the local government on healthy diets, this program expects various stakeholders to involve in promoting healthy diets and convincing the community to have better sustainable diets.