Women’s march activities highlighting sustainable diets

“Pangan Bijak! Lokal, sehat, adil, lestari!” or Wise Foodways! Local, healthy, fair and sustainable! Hundreds of people repeatedly declared these four main principles of the Wise Foodways campaign during the International Women’s Day celebration in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi in March. This year, one of Hivos partners in Sustainable Diets for All program, the Association for Women in Small Business Assistance or ASPPUK, organized a Women’s March to reflect this global commemorative day and to promote wise foodways. The provincial government and hundreds of local people – women, men, youth, kids – stated the declaration and participated in various activities: morning exercise, cooking demonstration, healthy food tasting and signing a wise foodways pledge banner.

Approximately 300 to 400 people gathered in a public park, MTQ park, to join series of activities with a theme ‘Perempuan berdaulat, pangan terjamin, kehidupan berkelanjutan’ or ‘Sovereign woman, guaranteed food, sustainable life’. On that occasion, we introduced the importance of propelling the four principles for better food systems in Indonesia. We want people to be more aware that both producers and consumers will be better off in many aspects when we buy and consume more of local, healthy, fair and sustainable food.


Healthy diet needs a healthy lifestyle. In Indonesia, public morning exercise or senam pagi on Sundays is a common thing, especially held in public parks, streets, or sport facilities. In Kendari, the day started with exercise sessions led by professional trainers. The enthusiasm of people keeps them excited to workout for approximately 2 hours. It was also interspersed with quizzes and prizes for participants who were able to answer wise foodways-related questions.


The head of Family Welfare Empowerment institution or PKK at the provincial level in Southeast Sulawesi, Agista Ariany Ali Mazi – who is the wife of the governor – participated in the event. She spoke in the event to encourage the community on the theme and provided written support on the wise foodways campaign.


Partners’ participation

ASPPUK’s local member, Women’s Alliance or ALPEN Southeast Sulawesi, also participated in organizing the event. While Tanoker, Hivos partner in Jember, East Java had their three representatives to join the event: Jumati, Diah and Nurul. They work with the communities – including the elderly and mother groups, as well as culinary MSMEs or Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises. Their visit was an opportunity to meet their fellow sustainable food champions in Kendari and share their experiences and learnings.


Enthusiasm in a cooking demo by GBDI

Though the activities had happened for several hours, the community was keen for more activities. They were even more enthusiastic to learn from a cooking demo by Chef Yuyun, from Hivos ally the New Generation of Indonesian Cooking. She presented the demo featuring her four original recipes that used locally-sourced and healthier ingredients. Some men participated in asking questions during that interactive session.


Tasting healthy food and fruit

The event was even more lively and vibrant during food tasting. People tasted a variety of local, healthy food, such as lemper (wrapped sticky rice with shredded meat), lemang (wrapped glutinous brown rice cooked in a bamboo stick), boiled corn, rambutans, etc.


Signing wise foodways pledge banner

A lot of participants signed their names on a 4m x 2m pledge banner. In doing this, we hope to see more awareness and commitment of men, women, youth, in supporting the ethical, sustainable food choices.


Showcasing local food products

Since the theme of the event is sustainable food and women, some women entrepreneurs who own and lead the food production displayed their products during the event. Those are who own small and medium-sized enterprises in local food sector from different districts in the province. The products were brown rice, virgin coconut oil, dried fruit snacks, fish floss, etc. There were many positive responses from the visitors and bought the products.




Hivos SD4All program, particularly in Local Harvest project consortium, supports these series of activities not only to celebrate the international women’s day but also to encourage healthy, traditional food systems and to preserve the environment as what the SDG12 states regarding sustainable production and consumption. In the consortium, Hivos partners with ASPPUK, WWF Indonesia, Non Timber Forest Product-Exchange Program (NTFP-EP) Indonesia and Indigenous People’s Alliance of the Archipelago (AMAN) on Pangan Bijak Nusantara or Wise Foodways campaign. Supported by the European Union under the SWITCH Asia project, the consortium uses seven key food products to exemplify “wise food” products.